Let me be nothing – live

Ross was seriously depressed after being released into the wild from hospital, despite the anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. We talked often. It’s a very disturbing experience to listen your son talking about the pointlessness of life and the attractions of suicide. I’d regularly rush home from work in response to a phone call from Ross or on hearing the tone of his voice when I had called him. You become very sensitive to the non-verbal cues… He’d often feel better after an hour or so face-to-face. I’d usually have to go to bed, exhausted.

Let me be nothing

I’ve been jumping from foot to foot
Like I’ve been walking on hot coals
I’ve been swinging from tree to tree
Like a monkey marking out his territory

Yeah, lets go get lost again in warmer climes
Where the grass is greener and all is fine
Yeah lets go get lost again in other times
Where her rose smells sweeter than mine

Don’t you see
I don’t believe in me
Let me be nothing at all
Nothing at all

Something’s started but nothing’s sticking
It’s not as if I’m not willing
To be the one that everyone else wants
Who is oh so talented in all his arts
So lets quit everything before it starts
So there’s no hard feelings or broken hearts

Let me be nothing