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Smoked dope for a while, but then tried to give up following some scary symptoms. Wrote “Blame Marijuana”, prescient, but sadly too late...


“Yet to be named” was the last thing Ross achieved before crashing. Re-released with new band as “Consumed in self”.


A picture from Ross’ journals that, along with scary words and behaviour, triggered my attempt to get him sectioned to stop him going to the USA...

If you are intelligent, well spoken and articulate, but don’t think you are ill - you are so screwed... (under current interpretation of Mental health Act)

“He’s very ill, but he held it together so we can’t section him. Do not let him go the USA... You must wait until he is too far gone to keep control. By the way, the longer he goes without treatment, the less chance of recovery.”

I had a mini breakdown. Ross was not sectioned until nearly a year later...

Ross 2009: “Why didn’t they section me? It has cost me 2 years of my life - and I’m still not right.”

No-one had any doubts that he was seriously ill. It was moral and bureaucratic cowardice. The system must be changed (and it would also save money).


Killed his guitar in the woods on new years night, videoed himself painting his room red and dark green, and put up signs like these everywhere.


Lucid moments that gave false hope...

BBC interview

Having failed to persuade the NHS to do the right thing, in desperation I told them I’d go to the media to help my son. Nothing. But an hour after Andrew Peach interviewed me, I got a call from a very senior person saying it had all been a huge misunderstanding. It hadn't. They had been embarrassed into agreeing to let Ross remain in the best place. I went off to have a mini-breakdown. I owe Andrew and the BBC a huge debt of gratitude.

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Back on stage

First time back on stage post hospitalisation, singing about depression and suicidal thoughts - but briefly on form and in control. It gave us hope...