Live acoustic recording

This was an attempt to express my feelings of desolation as I gradually lost more and more of my son to mental illness. Lying awake night after night with a stone in my stomach, I felt as though I was forgetting who he really was and that we might never, ever get him back.... Ross and I converted my poem into this song on holiday in France, immediately after his release from hospital. Occupational therapy - but for whom....

Song of Sickness

The music in you

It sang through me every day

Our feelings entwined

With the rhythms

That won’t go away

Your harmony found

Turned to discord in your head

Your beautiful sound

It was muted and then - dead

Sing a song of sickness

The scores upon your wall

Sing a song of sickness

You’re scrawling as you - fall

I feared I’d forget you

As your echoes fade away

Cacophonous voices they

Destroy your beat today

Your music had gone

As you scream instead

Lyrics have left you

As you de-compose your - head

I cling to the memory

Of your beat upon my heart

Your violent assault just reminds me

Of the gentleness you are

Awake in the night

Listening for a hint of song

Straining my ears the glimpse

Of a ghost of something - gone