Songs to rearrange your head...

These are some of the songs about, or triggered by, mental health issues. Eventually, we hope to produce an album.

1: I admit I am biased - they are my sons....

2: Disregard 1 - these songs will make you feel, understand and empathise.

3: They’re amazing songs by any standards....

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Don’t fade (video)          - Ross

 Don’t fade (audio)*       - Ross

Blame marijuana*          - Ross

Melancholy                      - Ross


Hugging barbed wire       - Owen

Allow me to die                - Ross

Chaos                                - Ross

Song of sickness              - Ross + Peter

Going home                      - Ross

Crossed cables                 - Owen


Let me be nothing            - Ross

Get him a doctor              - Ross + Owen

While I was comatosed   - Ross

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“...they brought tears to my eyes”; “...that was amazing, I could hardly breathe”; “where can I get the CD?”; “...thanks to your incredibly talented sons”

Live acoustic set - NHS Acute Care Mental Health Conference: June 2010

*From the album “Consumed in Self” by “Wilson”.

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