“Dad” runs through me, like a stick of seaside rock, but I’m also a director of a small, specialist  engineering consultancy - which is both time consuming and challenging (despite 25 years of experience doing it). Part of the day job involves developing and presenting training courses - which may be why I have a element of closet showmanship in my life...

Ran fitness training sessions at squash clubs over 20 years until my back gave in (the long term affects of childhood polio). After a few years of chronic pain (and the associated intermittent depression), I’ve got it under control (dietary supplements and physical regime) and am back in the gym and playing (mild) racquet sports again.

I love spending time with family and friends (ideally over food and wine), read a lot (an eclectic mix of escapist claptrap and philosophy/science) and write a bit of poetry. More recently, Ross has persuaded me to do stand-up (you think you’re funny dad, so....), and this has turned into a new hobby.

Plus, of course, all this. I’m now on local mental health service committees, go into schools with Ross to do anti-stigma shows and I also present at conferences.


An ex teacher, ex careers liaison and more recently ex operational manager for a large careers management company. Now runs a language teaching business from home to avoid the commuting and to make time to support her mother.

A serious allotmenter and prolific provider of home-grown fruit and veg, she is also very creative, designing jewellery and cards. Keeping fit is catered for by weekly serious and high energy dancing - Ciroc and Salsa.

Being a fantastic cook makes events with family and friends occasions to savour (it just seems so easy when she does it...). Yet another prolific reader - and not just of cookery books....


Diving from a great height onto your head champion of 1997, he cruised school, took after his brother with guitar and songwriting and his own band (they were always close, despite the age gap) and managed to hold it, and “A” levels, together through Ross’ illness.

Mad cyclist (Lands End to John O’Groats - 1100 miles in 10 days for charity, 500 miles in 5 days across the Pyrenees...) and master prevaricator...  

A gap year working at the Windsor Farm Shop, chilling out and writing and performing music, now studying Product Design at Loughborough University. This is the current cunning plan.... as well as the band -


Despite his success with childproof caps aged 4 (following his performance artwork red painted tummy and penis), he managed to survive to become a showman at school (lead roles in many plays and his own band, Silent Dawn) and an academic high flyer.

Gap year was spent becoming vegetarian, then vegan, then ran open mic evenings, own radio show, recycling campaign etc at Reading university (philosophy and art).

Crashed out of uni after a year to finish recording his album and to become seriously psychotic (cult, destitute in New York, forcible sectionings...). Now teaches guitar (private, youth club, NHS), am - dram, agency work, new band with Owen, and spends a lot of energy trying to recover himself fully.

The Wilson family...

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